Electronic Data Interchage

Implemented high availability EDI document processing solutions that connect suppliers with their clients

Cloud benchmarking

Implemented a manager application that runs tests on cloud to evaluate the performance of the software and hardware located there.

Document Processing and Indexing

Implemented document backup solution that organizes, indexes and retrieves the stored content. The solution retrieves content from social media, local disks, email accounts and documents stored in cloud apps.

Desktop applications

Experience building portable and not portable desktop applications on various fields like 3D modeling, backup, video processing

  • Custom software development for web, desktop and mobile
  • Data processing and searching solutions
  • Infrastructure management, Infrastructure benchmarking
  • Quality assurance
  • Project Management and Product Management
  • Design for web, desktop and mobile. User Interface prototyping


MoreDevs offers flexible software service models like developing the application your business needs or providing the highly skilled technical staff you need to augment your Programming or QA team in a cost effective way.
We provide customers the full stack of software development services: from complex software development services to infrastructure architecture and maintenance services. Our solutions use the advantages that the cloud offers by scaling and load balancing resources when the processing needs it and at the same time ensuring the high availability and good responsiveness of the products.


  • Reliable, skilled, results oriented, efficient, self-managed, creative, effective communicators, in one word: professional. During our long-term collaboration with MoreDevs we developed shoulder to shoulder and learned that impossible is a mere notion in the dictionary - never an inhibitor of our competencies.

    Andrea König, EDIGrid