ProfitBricks storage boost

перестал работать сенсор на телефоне что делать We are working on a complex backup solution that makes a lot of disk traffic. During the system dimensioning calculus we raised the question if this solution would be appropriate to be hosted on a virtual datacenter using virtual storages. The provider that we use for development is ProfitBricks, a german cloud provider. We were […] Read more

каталоги продуктов волгограда как доехать от новогиреево до садовода

OpenTSDB and HBase rough performance test

трансформатор ст 3 схема как сделать хорошую закладку   In order to see what technological choices we have to implement a charting solution for hundreds of millions of points we decided to try OpenTSDB and check results against its underlying HBase. We also benchmarked MySql and MongoDB, see the post here. The point of this test is to get a rough idea if […] Read more

MySql vs MongoDB performance benchmark кто утверждает лимит кассы статья 205 ук рф часть 2 Problem We’re searching for the fastest solution to solve the following two use cases: We use these points to generate JS charts. For testing choose MongoDB vs MySql. There is no complex relation between tables/objects, the test case is very simple. Beside the select time we also monitored the fetch time as we need the data to […] Read more