ServiceMix Cluster Manager


To manage the processing routes we built a сонник змея укусила в спину ServiceMix Cluster Manager

разработка экологических проектов We built a ServiceMix cluster manager that enables our team of consultants to manage the deployed routes on server without having access to the servers. расписание автобусов город дзержинск история спасо преображенского храма волгоград космонавтов The functionality exposed by the cluster manager: способами государственного регулирования являются
  • User management, system users have different privileges
  • Group servers into processing clusters, one processing route can be configured to be deployed on several clusters,
  • Reports showing bundles deployed on servers, processing server status,
  • Processing management: deploy or remove bundles from a server, clone routes from one server to another server,
  • View error logs, configure errors from logs to generate alerts.